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Bible Schools

Bibles schools and Christian classrooms

Bible schools are unique among more than 1,200 other colleges and universities that offer Bible based Christian education for students throughout the United States and Canada. According to the Association for Biblical Higher Learning, these bible schools provide modern hands on mission training for seminary and theological students. Bible school accreditation though the Association for Biblical Higher Education is good to look for. They are an institutional accrediting body recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education. That way you get bible college credit for the bible school courses that you complete.

Bible Study School Enrollment

Bible study school enrollment classification as a full-time student generally requires enrollment for at least twelve credit hours. Those enrolled for fewer than twelve hours are considered part-time students.

The normal bible study school course load is considered to be from twelve to eighteen hours. Students with busy outside work schedules should not attempt the normal load. Those with a GPA of 2.0 or lower should take a course load commensurate with their ability to maintain good academic standing. The heavy bible study Christian classrooms load is twenty-one semester hours.

Bible Schools for Youth

Christian classrooms for kids! Bible school lessons for youth will help prepare your young ones both for this life and for the life everlasting. As you work together through the bible study school lessons, God will build spiritual maturity and deepen wisdom into your child’s life enabling kids to become the best prepared and knowledgeable adult of God they can be.

Bible School Mission

The primary purpose of a bible school is to prepare people for roles in Christian ministry. A bible study school curriculum is typically supplemented by structured programs of Christian service. College Bible study schools generally offer bachelor’s degrees, most often in biblical studies and various divisions of Christian ministry, pastoral ministry and worship ministry or for some, church music. Some Bible schools offer degree programs in ministry related areas that also have secular application, such as private Christian schools and other education.

At most bible schools, associate’s degrees, diplomas, or certificates are available so when researching and interviewing potentials bible schools to attend be sure they align with your scholastic goals. A degree in Theology from a well renowned bible school can open up a world of opportunities to the student interested in a professional career in Ministry or humanitarian services, as well as the perennial student who learns for learning’s sake.

Beyond the undergraduate level, some other bible schools have established seminaries and graduate programs. These programs are generally designed for laypersons (such as Sunday School bible teachers) who neither want nor need a bachelor’s degree to perform their Christian service, but who desire additional training in such areas as Bible studies or the teachings and practices of their denomination.

Visit a Christian classrooms on bible school campus. Or call bible schools to learn more about their curriculum and see if it what you are looking for. Ask for a guidance counselor to speak with concerning academic goals and enrollment questions. Get started with your bible study school Christian education today!