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Dechomai & Lambano: Greek Word Study of Receive, Acts 8:14-17

Dechomai & Lambano Greek word study receive holy spirit

In the old Greek language there are two words for “receive” that each mean a different type of receiving. However, both words appear in English bible translations as a generic “receive”. So they lose their deeper meaning. In this bible study lesson we look into the meaning of these two Greek words: “dechomai” and “lambano”. Continue reading Dechomai & Lambano: Greek Word Study of Receive, Acts 8:14-17

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Fruit of Spirit vs. Works of Flesh Compare & Contrast

Fruit of spirit vs. works of flesh

Defining and comparing the works of the flesh (AKA the knowledge of evil) and the fruit of the spirit. Learn the biblical secret of discernment that shows you for certain what is in someone’s heart; whether they are working with God or for the devil. All this plus more is revealed to you in this enlightening bible study lesson! Continue reading Fruit of Spirit vs. Works of Flesh Compare & Contrast

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Speaking in Tongues: How to do it

Tongues Prophecy Guide Audio CD

A Beginner’s Guide for learning speaking in tongues, interpreting tongues, and prophecy. These are 3 of the 9 Manifestations of the Gift of Holy Spirit. Speaking in Tongues, Interpreting Tongues & Prophecy are given to every born again Christian for divine communication, worship and inspiration. Learn what they are and how to do them. Continue reading Speaking in Tongues: How to do it

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Fruit of the Spirit Explained

Fruit of the Spirit is a metaphor.

Today we are going to discuss the Fruit of the Spirit in detail and how to manifest more of God’s blessings in your life. Bible study of Galatians 5:22-23 concerning the fruit of the spirit and other related verses. This ties in with what the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden is that caused the sudden spiritual death of Adam and Eve. The truth finally revealed! And no, it’s not an apple!

We are also going to discover the common root of all conflicts regardless of the unique details and circumstances of each one. Knowing this one thing will help you understand and solve over 90% of all arguments you may ever encounter! Continue reading Fruit of the Spirit Explained

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Christian Bible School Degree

Online Christian Bible School Degrees

A Christian bible school degree is popular among those pursuing their calling. Are you preparing for that special Christian career? Then in person on campus Christian schools are great. Many bible schools have a stimulating campus. Some have an online environment where bible college instructors are readily available to assist Christian students. Bible study groups provide peer perspective and discussion. By blending online learning with active personal interaction, students push beyond self study by engaging with real people and real life feedback. Continue reading Christian Bible School Degree

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Bible Schools

Bibles schools and Christian classrooms

Bible schools are unique among more than 1,200 other colleges and universities that offer Bible based Christian education for students throughout the United States and Canada. According to the Association for Biblical Higher Learning, these bible schools provide modern hands on mission training for seminary and theological students. Bible school accreditation though the Association for Biblical Higher Education is good to look for. They are an institutional accrediting body recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education. That way you get bible college credit for the bible school courses that you complete. Continue reading Bible Schools

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Home Study Bible College Courses

Home Study Bible College Courses

Online home study bible college courses are a wonderful way to study the bible in an online college bible study class. Today even in our depressed economy, it is common knowledge that college tuition can be expensive and possibly out of reach for at least 75% of those that are called into ministry and those who wish to attend bible college. Many have a desire to be trained so that they can fulfill their God-given destiny, however, they simply can’t afford to leave home to study or to pay the high tuition charged by most schools. So therefore online courses are a great choice. Continue reading Home Study Bible College Courses

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Bible College Facts and Resources

bible college facts and resources

When researching bible study facts and resources, know that in the United States there are over 7,021 colleges and universities. Out of those colleges however, there are only a few hundred good bible study colleges to choose from. When selecting a college for bible study remember that core values of the institution are very important. Weigh the school’s core values against your own to aid in your bible study college selection. Continue reading Bible College Facts and Resources

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Online Bible College and Courses

Online bible college and bible study courses.

Online bible college education is trending upward. Computer screens supplant classrooms. YouTube and Skype dominate lecture circuits. Not only can you go to class in your pajamas, you might not need to get out of bed. Meanwhile, student demands are as steep as ever. An online bible college needs to be low cost, high quality, offer easy access, and give solid accredited results. Continue reading Online Bible College and Courses

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What is the Holy Spirit? Biblical Answers Revealed

What is the Holy Spirit? This question is on the minds and lips of many good people. There are a lot of contradicting answers out there too. Everyone seems to have their own opinion as to who or what the holy spirit is. Is it a being, is it God himself or is it a thing, like a force? This bible study article is an in-depth bible study to answer this tough question once and for all. This is a long article (parts 1 and 2) but please read both all the way through. You’ll be blessed with the info, I promise! Continue reading What is the Holy Spirit? Biblical Answers Revealed