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Fruit of Spirit vs. Works of Flesh Compare & Contrast

Fruit of spirit vs. works of flesh

Defining and comparing the works of the flesh (AKA the knowledge of evil) and the fruit of the spirit. Learn the biblical secret of discernment that shows you for certain what is in someone’s heart; whether they are working with God or for the devil. All this plus more is revealed to you in this enlightening bible study lesson! Continue reading Fruit of Spirit vs. Works of Flesh Compare & Contrast

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Speaking in Tongues: How to do it

Tongues Prophecy Guide Audio CD

A Beginner’s Guide for learning speaking in tongues, interpreting tongues, and prophecy. These are 3 of the 9 Manifestations of the Gift of Holy Spirit. Speaking in Tongues, Interpreting Tongues & Prophecy are given to every born again Christian for divine communication, worship and inspiration. Learn what they are and how to do them. Continue reading Speaking in Tongues: How to do it

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Christian Bible School Degree

Online Christian Bible School Degrees

A Christian bible school degree is popular among those pursuing their calling. Are you preparing for that special Christian career? Then in person on campus Christian schools are great. Many bible schools have a stimulating campus. Some have an online environment where bible college instructors are readily available to assist Christian students. Bible study groups provide peer perspective and discussion. By blending online learning with active personal interaction, students push beyond self study by engaging with real people and real life feedback. Continue reading Christian Bible School Degree

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Bible College Facts and Resources

bible college facts and resources

When researching bible study facts and resources, know that in the United States there are over 7,021 colleges and universities. Out of those colleges however, there are only a few hundred good bible study colleges to choose from. When selecting a college for bible study remember that core values of the institution are very important. Weigh the school’s core values against your own to aid in your bible study college selection. Continue reading Bible College Facts and Resources

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Christians Ignoring Jesus’ Greatest Wish for Us


The departing prayer of our Lord, Jesus’ greatest wish: “Now I am coming to you. I will not stay in the world now. But these men are still in the world. Holy Father, keep them safe. Keep them safe by the power of your name (the name you gave me), so that they will be one, the same as you and I are one.” – John 17:11 (ERV)

Jesus’ departing prayer was for his disciples! He wants God to keep them safe and care for them. Jesus wants his disciples to find God’s peace among themselves. He wants them to be unified as closely “in sync” as he and his Father are one. I can’t think of any other prayer that has been more ignored than Jesus’ prayer for his followers’ unity.

Christianity is fractured and divided against itself. And that’s just the way the devil wants it. Because lack of unity and meekness toward each other is tearing our families apart.

So let’s all make a commitment to be more united with God as Jesus. And let’s also be more united in our personal relationships and in our congregations. And also in our contact with other people of God all over the world. Because this is what Jesus wants for his disciples.

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Is it Okay for Adults to Have Sex with Children?

Sex and Morality

In today’s culture in the USA the answer is a resounding “NO!” And I certainly agree with the mainstream viewpoint. But according to our current immoral laws is it a narrow and discriminatory view?

How about this question, is it okay for men to have sex with Continue reading Is it Okay for Adults to Have Sex with Children?

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What is Your Value?

Your Value to God

Everyone has value. What are you good at? Sewing? Gardening? Sports? Project management? Don’t underestimate your value that you might be taking for granted as something “simple” to you. Because to another person who requires your skills they are worth a lot to them.

Share your skills with others. Don’t be concerned with what you can’t do. Be concerned with what you can do. Focus your attention on those skills. If not your hobby, make it one. If not your profession, maybe it should be. Never overlook Continue reading What is Your Value?

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Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?

Why God Allows Pain and Suffering


Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?

Someone wrote to us recently with a heavy heart and asked a burning question. It’s about why we are here and why God lets us go through pain and suffering. I want to share with you the question asked and my response: “Why did God put us on Earth, where there is pain and suffering, instead of putting us directly in heaven? Why would he put us through pain and suffering just so He could find out who his true followers are? We can either choose to love him and follow him and go to heaven, or we can choose to not love him and not follow him and go to hell. I understand the concept of ‘freedom of choice,’ but why would he give us that freedom purely out of his own selfish desire to find out who his true followers are, or who is willing to glorify him while they are on Earth? If God is all-knowing, why not just take everyone who is good and put them directly into heaven in the first place, rather than putting them through pain and suffering on Earth before they get to go to heaven?”

(name withheld for privacy)

Here’s our response according to Christian values and beliefs:

Dear (name),

You are not alone in asking this question and in feeling the way you do. It’s a very good question, one that needs to be answered. So here it is. Continue reading Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?

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How to Ask God Questions and Get Answers

How to Ask God Questions and Get Answers

God desires that all of us come to a fullness of the knowledge of His word and power. So when you ask God questions it is up to you to first to search the scriptures for answers. We should search the scriptures for answers because God has preemptively answered every question about general life and Godliness that you can ever possibly think of.

If you have a question about a person or a specific situation that is not already answered in the bible then you can do these two things: Continue reading How to Ask God Questions and Get Answers