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God is like the Sun is to the Moon

God is like the Sun is to the Moon shining onto the Earth

God is like the Sun burning bright and full of limitless power. That light and power radiates out in all directions.

The moon is like Christ. The moon itself has no light. But when in the presence of the Sun, light reflects off of it onto the Earth.

From the Earth it looks like the moon is producing light but what it really is doing is reflecting light from the Sun. And it’s just a small fraction of the total output of light from the sun. But it can light the entire facing surface of the earth! When that “moon light” shines on you, your gift of holy spirit is like a mirror to that light so you can reflect it. So the more manifestations of the gift that you use the bigger the mirror becomes. Then with a bigger mirror the more you reflect.

It is our job to reflect the light of Christ that is a reflection of the light from God. Do we give the moon glory because it reflects the light of the Sun? No. We give the sun glory for lighting up the moon to then shine down on us.

That’s the way it works.