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God Loves You Very Much

God Loves You, heart and holy spirit dove

God loves you very much. Each and every born again Christian is a child of God. Why wouldn’t he love us? If God provides for all his creation with that which each individual needs to survive, then why would he not do the same for His own beloved children? He would bestow even more upon His own children, right? And so He has.

Gift of Holy Spirit

He gave you the gift of holy spirit so you two can be close. And so you have spiritual power to work miracles for helping others.


He has given us the wonderful Gift of Holy Spirit sealed inside us, not just upon us like a servant who can lose it. No. He sealed it inside of us so that we can not lose it. So that it will always be part of us. Sealed means that no one or no thing can take it away from us. We can not walk away from, lose, or give it to someone else. It is ours for as long as we live.

Two Way Comms

God has granted us the right to speak directly to Him and hear from back from Him as well. God gave every born again Christian a direct link, a hot line if you will, directly to Him. We can call Him any time and He will always answer. Not so in the Old Testament times under the Law Administration. He can now talk directly to us, spirit to spirit. So that we can hear Him and perceive His words, thoughts, feeling and emotions. That is so cool!

The way we can hear him is through the Gift of Holy Spirit. He infused a small part of Himself, His spirit inside of us so we can have a direct link to Him… and Him to us.

Spiritual Connection

God loves you so much that he gave of himself to create you. God’s essence, His energy, is what your spirit is made of. That my friends is a CLOSE relationship. And so that shows you many ways in which God loves you as his dear child.