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Audio sermon bible study on faith. Know the 4 types of biblical faith. One of them is from the devil. And that’s the one most people practice! Find out what it is now. Instant mp3 download.


Bible Study on Faith Audio Sermon

This audio sermon is a bible study on faith. You are going to learn that there are 4 types of faith. One is a generic term, two are religious and one is a Holy Spirit supercharger.

Of the 2 religious faiths, one is the biblical definition of faith based on common sense that empowers you while the other seems good at first but is from the devil and will completely destroy you.

The problem is, most people are operating this one really bad type of faith in their lives and they don’t even know it.  And so all religions of the world including most of Christianity operate on this type of faith. That is why this evil type of faith is the primary reason why the world is in such a mess.

You already know what it is; you’ve heard it 1,000’s of times in different forms and probably even accepted it a few times or more in your own life. But you have just not recognized it as being evil. Because the devil is tricky that way. He makes bad things look good.

In fact, people commonly recognize this evil type of faith as pious and religious.

It is a dangerous methodology of believing; meaning that it is a way to believe in something or someone.  I too have fallen for it. But not any more and neither will you once you can see it clearly for what it is.

Manifestation of Faith from the Gift of Holy Spirit

You are also going to discover a 4th “secret” type of faith that is more powerful than any force on Earth.

Unfortunately the devil blinds us from this even though you can open your bible and read all about it for yourself. It is closely related to the empowering type of faith that I mentioned earlier.

The devil has buried it in a lie and blinded the eyes of Christianity to this type of faith by promoting the evil type.

Today that veil of blindness will lift. And I’ll show you a supercharger faith that God has in store for you as a born again Christian believer.

Bible Study on Faith Manifestation Audio Sermon MP3 Download
Bible Study on Faith Manifestation Audio Sermon MP3 Download

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