Gifts of the Spirit – Bible Study 1 Cor 12:1-11 Audio CD


“…for to one gift is given, to another…” Discover why understanding the true meaning of this verse is vitally important to fully manifesting God’s power in your life. An overwhelming stumbling block to manifesting gifts of the spirit is revealed AND solved!


Christians need to know that they’ve already received all the gifts of the spirit. It is the power of the holy spirit and God is waiting for them to act.

For example:

Take action!

Gifts of the Spirit vs. Manifestations

Most Christians commonly use the word “gifts” of the holy spirit to describe what the Bible calls “manifestations”. And this causes problems in Christianity. Why?

Because “Manifestation” does not mean “gift”.  A gift is given individually. So it’s not a gift unless it was first given.

A manifestation is an evidence, a showing forth, of something that a person already has. That’s a big difference!

A gift is simply an inert object until someone uses it. Likewise, then the gift of holy spirit is just an inactive thing by itself.

It’s only when we use that gift it manifests itself in many exciting ways. In 9 ways according to 1 Cor 12.

Know the Power of the Holy Spirit

When Christians think manifestations are individual “gifts” that some get and others don’t, then those Christians become spiritually passive.

Instead of realizing that they can utilize all nine manifestations, some believers wait on God, hoping that one day He will give them the “gift” of tongues.

Other believers who would love to heal people wait for the power to heal. These people are waiting for something they already have!

They may even fast for days, pray for hours on end pleading with and begging God. Only to end up disappointed with Him for not answering their prayers.

This bible study lesson is a recording of a live audio sermon. It reveals in bold detail exactly what the bible says you can do with your gift of holy spirit… and what you can not.

And contrary to popular Christian belief, there’s far MORE you can do than what you can’t!

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