Gauge to Godliness Sermon – Audio CD


Godliness sermon reveals how to gauge your walk with God using biblical discernment. Taught live and recorded onto an audio CD.

Discover how to instantly know whether you or someone else you know, is spiritually close to God or far away.

Gain deep insight easily and effortlessly so you can avoid the devil’s tricks and enjoy a closer feeling with God.


In the Bible, God Gave Us Tools to Use for Spiritual Discernment

This godliness sermon details two specific tools. These biblical tools help us you know for sure by gauging whether you or someone you know is close to God or far away.

We give you the exact verses in the Bible where God tells us what specific signs and traits to look for.

This gives you deep knowledge about a person’s walk with God. And also grants you wisdom on what to do with this insider information.

Why this is vitally important: When you are not close to God you can stumble in your walk. When you are far away from God He can not bless you. And then life gets harder and you grow bitter.

The closer you are to God spiritually then the more God can bless you abundantly. And so then your feelings of love joy and happiness increase!

This Audio Sermon on Godliness Shows You:

  • The 17 tell-tale signs that show when someone is walking away from God.
  • And accurately gauge how far away too!
  • All 17 signs explained in detail so you can know them when you see them.
  • Which 9 Godly traits you need to have in order to be close to God.
  • Gain a deep understanding of what these 9 traits are so you can live them to your fullest.

Once you know the 17 signs of spiritual apostasy along with the 9 traits of godliness then you can use them like a gauge. 17 signs on one side and 9 traits on the others.

Use this gauge to discern which direction you or someone else is going; either away for God or towards Him.

The Gauge of Godliness works perfectly for you every time. And it also works great for finding out where others are with God too.

Learn how to gain almost “supernatural” insight into people. Do you want to know the truth about what is in a person’s heart? Find out how easy it is to know within seconds.

Knowing this biblical secret of discernment shows you for certain whether they are working for God or for the devil.

Gauge to Godliness Sermon on Audio CD

Gauge to Godliness Sermon Audio CD
Gauge to Godliness Sermon Audio CD

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