How to Deal with Rejection when Preaching the Bible – Audio CD


Bible Study of Luke 4:24. Powerful lesson in patience, love and perseverance. Learn how to handle rejection when talking about the bible to non-Christians. So you can copy what Jesus Christ did in these difficult situations.

BONUS MATERIAL: Discover your mission in life and how to fulfill your calling according to God’s word.


How to Deal with Rejection when Preaching the Bible

What you will learn in this audio sermon on Christian outreach is 5 powerful lessons from one passage in Luke for dealing with rejection when preaching the Bible. Luke 4:24 is about how Jesus Christ dealt with adversity while doing God’s work.  We’ll also outline some of the same stumbling blocks that you and I face daily and how you too can overcome them.

5 Powerful Lessons to Learn for Handling Rejection God’s Way

Lesson 1: We will show you that one place where no listens to you when you are talking about God. Do you know where that place is? HINT: You probably spend most of your time there! Learn what you need to do in order to be heard.

Lesson 2: Two highly respected prophets in the Old Testament could do no good works in the same place you are right now. They overcame it and so can you. Exact steps revealed in this Bible study lesson.

Lesson 3: Discover exactly what Jesus did every time he was rejected. It’s so easy and obvious. Once you know you will smile with delight. We’ll show you what that is in the bible study lesson.

Lesson 4: Jesus never let an emotional set back hinder his good works. Such as crushing (and sometimes violent) rejection. He always did this one thing… Want to know what that is so you can do it too? Find out when you listen to this audio sermon on CD.

Lesson 5: Discover where Jesus found the most success with his preaching. You might not live in Israel but you can duplicate his approach so you can enjoy similar success in your preaching.

BONUS LESSON: Find out exactly what your ministry is. Know what your mission in life is. And how to fulfill your calling according to God’s word.

All this and more is revealed in this heartwarming and eye-opening Bible study lesson.

A great reference tool you can come back to again and again!

This audio sermon will help you to get out there and talk about God’s word without feeling deep rejection in your heart. Learn how to reach beyond your comfort zone expanding into fulfilling new areas. You can be that shining beacon of hope to someone.

Be that bright light of witness for God in that one special area you excel in. When you are following your calling from God people draw toward you in your mission. And then they will prosper for knowing you. And so God will bless you mightily for your efforts.

Are you ready for Christian Outreach According to God’s Word?

Dealing with Rejection God's Way - Christian Outreach Audio CD
Dealing with Rejection God’s Way – Christian Outreach Audio CD

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