How to Understand the Bible – Audio CD


How to understand the bible, what is says and what it means. A study in how the bible was written, to whom and in what times in which languages. Bonus content: How to resolve apparent contradictions in scripture!


In this bible study sermon on audio CD you are going to learn how to study the Bible and know exactly what it means. You will learn that the Bible interprets itself in 5 ways and that there are 3 distinct groups of people in 7 different administrations that God is talking to.

When reading the bible we need to properly interpret what it is saying.

Because we desire to know the truth of God’s Word we must read it and study it so that we understand exactly what God is telling us. And this is vitally important because God has given us all things that pertain unto life and Godliness (II Peter 1:3)

II Peter 1:20 “Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.”

“Private” means “one’s own”. When reading the bible we are not supposed to figure out what we think it says, or consult the opinions of others. Or worse yet, try to twist it into what we want it to say. It means what the author (God) meant it to mean. He says what He means and He means what He says.

Private interpretation is the leading cause for confusion and controversy regarding some key subjects such as the relationship between God and Christ and the manifestations of the holy spirit.

Scripture Interprets Itself:

  1. in the verse,
  2. in the context, or
  3. where it was used before.
  4. the time in which it was written, and
  5. to whom it was written in light of the social historical contexts of the time.

Each verse in the bible is not an isolated statement. For greater understanding we must also consider the entire passage. Likewise the whole chapter too. Sometimes we must consider other books in the bible as correlated to a specif subject matter.

It’s important to know what passages, chapters and books go together when researching the bible on your topic(s) of interest. Otherwise you might miss some of the finer details, or possibly even misinterpret the entire meaning of the message.

Respect for Literary and Social Historical Context

This principle of interpretation encourages us to seek to discern the writings of ancient Eastern people who had:

  • a predominantly patriarchal, hierarchical understanding of God and human society,
  • who bore witness to the word and action of God without a scientific world view, and
  • who did not even dream of the many problems we have to face in a modern technological society.

Being aware of literary and historical context also helps Christians to distinguish between what the will of God is for people in all ages, and what does or does not apply to us in our current modern age.

Beware of Translation Errors

Which version of the Bible are you reading? KJV, NIV, ASV, AMP, ERV, NASB, other…? In English alone, there are over 50 different versions of the bible! Did you know that we can not accurately consider any translation or version of the Bible as “The Original Word of God”?

However, we have come to trust the old King James Version written in 1611 because it has proven itself the most accurate version we have in the English language today.

There are 3 different groups of people in the Bible that God is talking to:

  1. Hebrews and Jewish People
  2. Gentiles (everyone who is not Jewish)
  3. The Church of God (Born again Christians)

So therefore not all the verses in the whole bible are about us directly! Not knowing this leads to serious misunderstandings and errors. (More about this on the audio CD)

There are 7 different time periods in the Bible.
Not knowing them causes confusion in understanding scripture. They are: (All are revealed with an in depth study on the Audio CD)

Understanding the Bible – Live Sermon on Audio CD

Understanding the Bible inside Audio CD

Listen to the entire 34 minute presentation on Audio CD (also available on MP3 download). We ship the Audio CD right to your door. It is a quick and easy step by step guide for learning how to accurately understand the bible and plainly know what it means.

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