The Power of Pentecost – Audio CD


Explore all the Spiritual Gifts from the Holy Spirit given at Pentecost in Acts 2. And what being saved truly means.

This audio CD is for gaining a deeper understanding of your spiritual blessings. So you can enjoy a greater appreciation of your God-given gifts.


Pentecost Acts 2 and a Deep Bible Study of 1 Cor 12

In this audio sermon about Pentecost you’ll learn what Pentecost is; a brief history of it, why it is a very important event and how it applies to you today. You will also learn what the gift of holy spirit is and what it means to be saved.

On the first Pentecost in Acts 2 limitless Power from On High was given to all born again believers in Jesus Christ. “But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal.” 1 Cor 12:7

There are 9 Manifestations of the Holy Spirit

For Inspiration: Speaking, Worship

1) Speaking in Tongues
2) Interpretation of Tongues:
3) Prophecy:

For Revelation: Information, Instruction, Knowing

4) Word of Knowledge
5) Word of Wisdom
6) Discerning of Spirits

For Power: Action, Outreach

7) Operating Faith (Believing)
8) Working of Miracles
9) Gifts of Healing

Each one of the manifestations above is iexplainedIn this Bible study sermon. All in greater detail so you can gain a better understanding of them.

In this audio sermon, we explore the vast importance of the Pentecost event in Acts 2. And then dive into a deep study of 1 Cor 12 for knowing all 9 Manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

So that you can know what they are and then eventually manifest every one of them with power and grace from God!

The Power of Pentecost Audio CD

Pentecost Spiritual Gifts Acts 2 Audio CD

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