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Persian Empire Bible Map

The Persian Empire, B.C. 538-330. As the Babylonian power arose with Nebuchadnezzar, the Persian began with Cyrus the Great. Continue reading Persian Empire Bible Map

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Babylonian Empire Bible Map

The Babylonian Empire, B.C. 606-538. This period has been more correctly termed that of the “four kingdoms,” since the East was not then, as during the Assyrian period, under one government. Continue reading Babylonian Empire Bible Map

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Assyrian Empire Bible Map

The Assyrian Empire arose from the small country Asshur, about 25 square miles in extent, lying east of the Tigris and north of the lower Zab. Its capital was the city Asshur, now called Kileh Sherghat, 60 miles south of Nineveh. Continue reading Assyrian Empire Bible Map

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Free Bible Maps & Charts of Bible Lands – Main List

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On this page is a simple collection of free bible maps of bible lands referenced in the Bible. Click on any of the links below to see the corresponding bible map of bible lands. Do you require more bible maps with greater detail of bible lands? Then we suggest you consider getting a Complete Bible Atlas Map Book. Because the bible maps in our Bible Atlas are much more detailed and they have much more information for you to study. Download Bible Atlas here.

Free Bible Study Maps of Bible Lands

Continue reading Free Bible Maps & Charts of Bible Lands – Main List