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What is Your Value?

Your Value to God

Everyone has value. What are you good at? Sewing? Gardening? Sports? Project management? Don’t underestimate your value that you might be taking for granted as something “simple” to you. Because to another person who requires your skills they are worth a lot to them.

Share your skills with others. Don’t be concerned with what you can’t do. Be concerned with what you can do. Focus your attention on those skills. If not your hobby, make it one. If not your profession, maybe it should be. Never overlook potential value in yourself or someone else based on apparent short comings or disabilities. Never mind what you can’t do as well as others. What are you good at?

For example, I’m good with tools. I’ve always had the innate ability to take something apart, figure out why it’s not working, fix it then put it back together. I’m best with cars and motorcycles but I can take any contraption apart and figure it out. To me, “parts is parts”. Unless it’s an electrical problem, I know I can fix just about anything. Electrical stuff confounds me. So I seek out others who are good with that. I try to partner up with people who are strong at what I’m weak in. So that way we can help each others to be stronger together as a whole.

How can you use your value and skills for God?

Consider how you can best utilize and share your skills with others in need. Share with your family, friends, church members and general community. Become a beacon of light to others in the darkness of confusion, shining hope in the form of a problem solved for them. In doing so, your rewards are many fold.

God will bless you by helping you grow in your skills because as you give so shall you receive. And then you will feel good about yourself in helping others. Additionally you will be fostering feelings of reciprocity in others as they will naturally want to repay you in some way for helping them; either with thankfulness, a returned favor or by paying you for your services.

However it works out, make sure that your intentions are to help with a heart of love rather than to take, and not reluctantly or out of compulsion for “God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Cor 9:7). Give as a glory to God and you will be blessed according as you give.